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It was exactly six years ago that Robin Williams, the renowned American actor and comedian, committed suicide at age 63. For fans of his often zany hit movies and TV shows the news came as a shock. Now, for the first time, Williams’ widow is baring it all about the gifted actors’ final days.

Her account is another reminder of human fragility. It also got me to pondering anew the place of science and faith in the human lot. I will get to that later. First a brief on Williams’ public life and the personal demons that drove him to suicide.

My introduction to Williams was through the alien-on-earth situation comedy “Mork and Mindy.” In it, Williams played an alien (Mork) who travelled to Earth in an egg-like spacecraft from the fictional planet Ork. On Earth to study human behaviour, he was discovered, befriended and ultimately married by a gorgeous young graduate.

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